Based in the South of France, Music Bay provides high quality Royalty Free Music, 100% copyright free, to its clients range from revered marketing agencies and global brands to independent filmmakers and hobbyists.

For Buyers, we offer a constantly growing stock of high quality Royalty Free Music created by our composers that can be used in many different applications including, but not limited to: TV, radio, online video, websites, presentations, promos and much more.

For Composers, we provide a great place to sell your music globally.
Our rules are clear and simple: 50% of the revenue goes to the composer and that is considering the non-exclusive contract, you can offer your music elsewhere, without any restrictions.

You don’t have any restrictions regarding the style or genre of music you create, but please mind that we only accept high quality material, both in terms of musical structure and recording/production.

General Support  contact@music-bay.fr

CEO Kristof Bieganski, Lazière, 31290 Vieillevigne, FRANCE


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