It is a war story, a story of heroes, a story of triumph! A dark, epic and emotionally powerful soundtrack with tiered plot and development, dramatic character and leading figure. With Zimmer style horns and heavy brasses, imposing orchestra, beautiful and touching piano and violin melodies and big percussion of invasion and conquest, makes a perfect war atmosphere where there is terror, awe, emotion, sadness but also exaltation, triumph and return… The return of a king!

Style: epic, cinematic, trailer

Instruments: piano, string section, horns, orchestral drums and percussion

Mood: emotional, dramatic, heroic

a yellow-horned animal with the inscription - artsygoat

Music by:

Duration: 5:17

Tempo (BPM): 120

Files Included: Full version 5:17

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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