The dance of the dead…

A haunted waltz, with a cursed and eerie melody and dark fantasy atmosphere featuring music box, Theremin, dissonant piano, chimes and Church bell, mixed and children’s choir, pipe organ (Church organ), pizzicato and legato strings, cello and tuba
Haunted Halloween Waltz is a dramatic and nostalgic but also dangerous and deranged piece of music… It is the waltz of the lost souls that call you to dance with them…
Would you?

Ideal for: TV and Theater, Film Scores, Horror Movies, Animation and cartoon, Horror Musical theater, Dark Fantasy Films, Dark Romantic Films, Halloween, Creepy Christmas movies, Cinematic Productions, Spooky Circus Music, Creepy Carnival Music, Black Comedy Films.

Style: Halloween, fantasy, cinematic

Instruments: music box, Theremin, piano, bells, choir, pipe organ, strings, cello, tuba

Mood: creepy, suspenseful, mysterious, dark

a yellow-horned animal with the inscription - artsygoat

Music by:

Duration: 1:28

Tempo (BPM): 140

Files Included: Full version 1:28

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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