Useful Information

Both purchase options are available on Music Bay all the time.

BlueStar - Useful Information Subscription allows you to benefit from a very attractive price, €5 for per track (instead of €15 or €19), all with the Standard license. And to have a useful Favorite List.
- 5 tracks for €25.00,
- billed monthly (not annually),
- can be cancelled and resumed anytime - more details about Subscription:

BlueStar - Useful Information Pay-Per-Use is an alternative way to buy a track - without creating a user account. It also allows you to choose among 4 licenses: Personal, Standard, Extended and Unlimited.

• The purchased tracks are in universal mp3 format, convenient and High Quality (320 kbps); instantly usable on any device, Mac or PC.
• The loops are in .Wav format for an easy and seamless editing.
• Previews are in mp3 / 128 kbps.

If the Wav / Aiff version is needed we can send it on simple request.

Clicking on a title opens the individual page of the same track for more details.

The FAVORITE LIST is accessible to all logged-in customers with an active subscription. For future projects, you can select and put aside an unlimited number of tracks by clicking on the blue heart. On the MY FAVORITE LIST page you can check, download or remove them from the list whenever you want.

Our INTERNAL SEARCH ENGINE works like a powerful filter: type in all the keywords that describe your project, all at once. And right after you will get a list of tracks matching perfectly your search criteria.

Other ways to search:
• Using the site’s classification system, which divides the catalogue into 3 blocks: Genre, Instrument and Mood. Each of these is then divided into 12 sub-categories.
• By clicking on an active tag.
• Via the quick search thanks to the TagCloud on the homepage, which combines the most popular searches.
• Through an artist’s portfolio.
• Through the ‘similar tracks’ suggestions on each individual track page.

Our specialists can gladly make the following editing in the audio tracks you purchased at no extra cost:
- increasing or decreasing the tempo,
- changing the pitch,
- making cuts and collages,
- creating a loop from a track…
Simply drop us a line at [email protected].

Regarding tempo and key changes, please note that audio tolerates pretty well small changes only. However, the more it derives from the original material, the more audible these changes can become, despite the sophisticated tools we use.

Customers interested in a 100% original composition are welcome to contact us with a description of the main aspects of their project. We would then send them the rates and deadlines of available composers.
We do not charge anything for this service.

Music Bay provides royalty-free music for audio-video projects, such as video, film, corporate presentation, TV / radio advertising, Web, slideshow, jingle, apps, video game, YouTube video… and other commercial or personal projects.

Royalty-free means that only the license purchase is required to use this musical background; no other fees will ever be charged by P.R.O. (Performing Rights Organisation).

We know that music used for multimedia purposes must be composed in a particular way, so that editing with video is easy and effective. Music should add a big ‘plus’ to the video. In addition to this criterion, we make sure that each and every item in our catalogue is perfect from composition, arrangement, mix and mastering standpoints.

All composers are among the best specialists in the world in the royalty-free music industry, chosen very rigorously by our team. Their music is used worldwide by the most prestigious brands.

The variety of genres is also very important for a broad choice for our users. We therefore offer music that covers all possible multimedia projects, such as acoustic folk, epic & cinematic, instrumental pop, ambient, romantic, happy, electro pop, world music, orchestral, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, jazz / swing, electro, lounge, rock…

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have; please feel free to contact us at [email protected]; or use the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.