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Relaxing and reflective atmosphere laced with violin and sweet harp melody. Picture the cold winds blowing across the Northern Ireland Plains. Serenity and peacefulness abounds. The sense of connectivity with the world as this music employs ethnic drum beats in the background of an acoustic Celtic Harp. A unique break away from the expected. Cars commercials, film, nature.

Style: instrumental pop, ambient

Instruments: violin, harp, synths, percussion

Mood: peaceful, dreamy, inspiring

photo of a woman in a recording studio

Music by:

Duration: 4:30 1:02 0:30

Tempo (BPM): 100

Files Included: Full version 4:30, 60s Edit (1:02), 30s Edit (0:30)

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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