1. Download this document – ITEM DESCRIPTION – here:

2. Upload your track(s) with the description document, in a Zip file, in our UPLOADER here:

Upload the tracks in one or more Zip file(s); up to 70MB per Zip. All tracks must be in MP3 320kbps format. Please note that some buyers could need a Wav/Aiff version, so we suggest you to be able to send us this version on demand.

The main version of a track can be accompanied by 1 or 2 alternative versions (short, underscore, loop…).

After your first upload we will contact you shortly for all other elements (your Bio, avatar …).



1. First, please download the document concerned, KIT or PACK description. This document contains also the instruction about how to prepare either the MUSIC KIT or MUSIC PACK.

2. Then, upload your Zip file in our UPLOADER, above. All tracks must be in MP3 320kbps format.



You can offer a discount on some track(s) at any time. If so, please tell us which one(s), the discount you choose (30% or 50%) and for how long. The earnings remain 50-50.

A true track update is allowed at any time (e.g. a new mix or mastering, more/less versions…). Please re-submit the new version(s), indicating the url of the track already present on Music Bay.

You can upload a specific picture for each track (2000px min), by default we will use your usual images (avatar and background).

The artist email is written into the sale code of each track. It is invisible for buyers. Every time your item is sold, an email is sent AUTOMATICALLY to you.


Feel free to contact us, we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.