1. Download the ITEM DESCRIPTION document
2. Upload the audio tracks, including the completed ITEM DESCRIPTION, as a Zip file.

blue star icone BlueStar - Upload Zone Up to 96MB per Zip.
The green circle at the end of the process confirms that your Zip was successfully uploaded. If you have multiple Zips - please refresh this page before each new upload.


blue star icone BlueStar - Upload Zone AUDIO FORMAT – 2 options to choose from:
• All files - exept loops - in MP3 / 320kbps. Loops: .WAV.
• Or: All files in .WAV (but still sent as a Zip) and we will do the conversion.

- If you send the mp3: Please note that some customers could need a Wav / Aiff version, so we suggest to be able to send us this version on demand.

blue star icone BlueStar - Upload Zone The main track can be accompanied by 1 or 2 alternative versions (short, underscore, loop…).



For your first upload, send us some of your tracks - just music and a document with your e-mail address.
At this stage it is not necessary to attach the fully completed ITEM DESCRIPTION. We will contact you shortly to finalize the creation of your Artist Page.


1. First, please download the document concerned, KIT or PACK description. This document contains also the instruction on how to prepare either the Music KIT or Music PACK, required audio format, etc.

2. Then, upload your Zip file in our UPLOADER, above.


You can offer a discount on some track(s) at any time. If so, please tell us which one(s), the discount you choose (30% or 50%) and for how long. The earnings remain 50-50.

A true track update is allowed at any time (e.g. a new mix or mastering, more/less versions…). Please re-submit the new version(s), indicating the url of the track already present on Music Bay.

You can upload a specific picture for each track (2000px or more), by default we will use your usual images (avatar and background).