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Terms and Conditions

This is a document containing the contract that defines the rights of musical works proposed by Music Bay and any natural or legal person (the Client), bought through this website or www.music-bay.net. By accepting these terms and conditions detailed below, you agree to strictly abide by the contract and the framework for the use of musical works that you choose as defined in the articles of this document. The contract is finalized between LICENSOR: Music Bay owner and CUSTOMER: The Client named in the license certificate obtained by the customer once the order of musical works performed and validated.

1 – Definitions of goods and services offered:
What we call throughout this document ‘musical works’  are the music tracks available on www.music-bay.net. The CUSTOMER acquires through this website a license to use musical works marketed by Music Bay. If needed the CUSTOMER can justify the free use of works acquired by providing a copy of the license certificate, mentioning the works acquired, the type of license and a link to the site www.music-bay.net  where these works are online.

2 – Use Framework:
By paying the full price of the order, the customer acquires the right to use musical works by integrating their project within the limits and conditions set out in this document, and in accordance with the license chosen to the exclusion of any other use. The authorized use of musical works is based on the license chosen by the CUSTOMER.
The licenses details  can be consulted on the page Licenses Terms of this web site.

3 – Pricing:
All prices listed in the catalog are in Euros.

4 – Payment:
All payments are secured via the PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. We do not have access to debit/credit card information.

5 – Liability:
Music Bay is not responsible for the establishment of musical works for its use, but provides the files and the framework for the use of these works, the exploitation in this context is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER.

Music Bay, LLC is a US registered company. Therefore, US law is applicable to this agreement.

7 – Contact Us
Music Bay welcomes your questions or comments.
Email Address:
[email protected]