License Terms

All tracks downloaded as part of the Subscription have the Standard license. This includes the uses covered in the Personal license.
Customers with the Subscription who need an Extended or Unlimited license: please log out and click on the chosen track to get access to all licenses.

For both options, subscription and individual purchase, the licenses are as follows:

     N°1. Music PERSONAL License

Use in one end product. For PERSONAL use only. No radio / TV use.
• YouTube personal video, without monetization.
• Personal Website, Blog, Vlog or Social Media.
• Personal Wedding / Holiday slideshow and video.
• Student, Educational, Humanitarian, and Non-Profit Organization film.

     N°2. Music STANDARD License

Use in one end product. Commercial use.
• Corporate presentation.
• YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and any other online video platform, with monetization.
• Professional Website, Blog, Vlog or Social Media.
• Music On-Hold / In-Store / Hotel / Show.
• Professional Wedding slideshow and video.
• Drone video, documentary, time lapse and short film.

     N°3. Music EXTENDED License

Use in one end product.
• FREE App / Game (without in-app purchase or ads.)
• Audiobook.
• Software.

     N°4. Music UNLIMITED License

Use in one end product.
• Film created for cinemas.
• Television and radio Programs and Advertising.
• Revenue generating Podcast, App, and Game (paid or with in-app purchases or advertising).
• Mass Reproduction: DVD, CD-ROM or any other data storage device (USB flash drive/ Toys).

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