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The tracks you submit are on a non-exclusive basis. You retain 100% ownership of your compositions. We split all earnings 50-50. You will get paid every month when your media gets sold.

Every time a track is sold an email is automatically sent to its composer. So you can monitoring the sales in real time.

You upload the music tracks you wish to license online to use in multimedia projects. There’s no limit to the number of items you can sell.

We host your media files securely on our servers, making sure no one can access your file until they pay for it; handle all online payments; market our website to multimedia producers and music seekers worldwide; provide customer support and pay you every month (50% of the retail price) for the items that have been sold.


The music presented here is intended for a multimedia project such as advertising, TV & Radio program and jingle, corporate presentation, YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion project, website background, In-Store / Hotel / Show / On-Hold music, video game, software…

Instrumental music is the most appropriate in most cases. We also accept certain vocal songs, notably, but not only, in the following styles: Hip Hop, World Music, Pop and Swing / Jazz. We market & sell all genres of music. Quality, however is what we are looking for. The perfect composition, mix, and mastering are all necessary for an item to have its chance to be successful.

Feel free to show your skills and to upload your tracks onto the Music-Bay library, please refer to this page:    [UPLOAD ZONE]

After your first upload, we will contact you shortly for all other elements (your Bio, avatar…).