Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Subscription

1. Create your account: MY ACCOUNT>CREATE ACCOUNT.
3. Use the SUBSCRIBE button on the SUBSCRIBE HERE page (in MY ACCOUNT).

The SUBSCRIBE HERE page is available in the menu when you are logged in.
Subscription starts immediately after payment.

• Customer without an account or logged out (Pay-Per-Use):
Clicking on the "basket" button opens the Checkout page. After payment, the link to download the track is sent to the e-mail address entered on this page.

• Logged-in customers with a Subscription:
The basket is replaced by the 'Download' button. Use this button to receive the track immediately on your computer.

A Subscription allows you to enjoy a very attractive price (€5 per track, instead of €15 or €19) and have a useful Favorite List.
This is a monthly subscription, automatically renewable at a price of €25, billed monthly (not annually), and can be cancelled anytime.
It includes 5 tracks per month, freely chosen from the whole catalogue. All with the Standard license (see License Terms).
The day of the Subscription purchase becomes its renewal date, so it runs until the same-numbered date on the following month (e.g. from April 16 to May 16).

This is an alternative way to buy on Music Bay. It is a purchase of a single track - or several - without creating a user account. It also allows you to choose among 4 licenses: Personal, Standard, Extended and Unlimited.
Purchased per unit, a Standard license is €15 or €19 depending on the duration of the track (see Pricing).

Yes, you can cancel anytime; and resume it whenever you want.
After cancelling your Subscription, you can continue to use the remaining credits for 1 month after its renewal date. For example, if you started your Subscription on April 16 and you canceled on May 8, your credits would still be available until June 16.

• Cancel:
Go to the page MY SUBSCRIPTION and click on "Cancel your subscription".

• Resume a subscription:
1. Log in to your account.
2. Click on SUBSCRIBE on the SUBSCRIBE HERE page. The new subscription will start immediately after payment.

All tracks downloaded as part of a Subscription have a Standard license. It also covers all the uses of a Personal license.

If you need an Extended or Unlimited license: just sign out of your account to access the Pay-Per-Use purchase and choose among the 4 available licenses.

These credits are still yours. They will automatically be added to the number of tracks available the following month.

You can either sign out and buy a track individually or pick up another 5-track pack. In this case, the renewal date of your Subscription will change to the date of purchase of the new pack.