Dance with Me is an instrumental folk fusion reminiscent of Spanish, French, Turkish, Armenian, Greek and Russian music, capturing the essence of Europe with its eccentric mandolin, accordion and pizzicato strings. This upbeat melody is full of cultural energy and the perfect music for any pick-me-up. Dance with Me is a track full of spunk and character, encapsulating much in a short amount of time. Imagine smiling dancers whirling around to the strong rhythm in traditional costumes or a European travel documentary.

Style: Southern and South-Eastern Europe music

Instruments: accordion, mandolin, pizzicato strings

Mood: festive, cheerful, happy, positive

A black square with white musical notes that form a circle

Music by:

Duration: 0:12

Tempo (BPM): 155

Files Included: Full version 0:12

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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