Download icone PNG - Discomfort Zone

Anyone could find themselves stuck in the discomfort zone at a time of fear, alarm, or unease. When something bad happens, people tend to freeze in place. But knowing that your fear is real keeps you from being paralyzed. Instead, you act to escape the discomfort zone. Discomfort Zone is a dark, eerie and spine-chilling track with a sense of impending dread. It features orchestral instruments and slow, creepy piano melodies that build up suspense. A perfect song for horror scenes, trailers, tension building and more.

Style: ambient,cinematic

Instruments: piano, synths, electric guitar, bass, ochestral drums and percussion, SFX

Mood: dark, suspenseful, intriguing

a white square with insciptions inside

Music by:

Duration: 3:04

Tempo (BPM): 130

Files Included: Full version 3:04

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


tension fear eerie horror suspenseful intriguing creepy dark