Starting with a light inspirational marimba melody, this track soon becomes an epic symphony of brass, strings and big action drums.
This is the track you’ll want for your thought provoking action scenes, Uplifting adventures and buildup moments.
15s and 30s versions also included.

Style: epic, cinematic

Instruments: marimba, strings, horns, bass, orchestral drums and percussion

Mood: hopeful, heroic, emotional

A white 3D cube with yellow letters

Music by:

Duration: 2:19 0:29 0:13

Tempo (BPM): 145

Files Included: Full version 2:19, 30s Edit (0:29), 15s Edit (0:13)

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


inspirational hopeful orchestral epic strings travel action intense adventure brave strong heroic battle big horns marimba brass short version 15sec version 30sec version strategy