Suspenseful and dramatic cinematic orchestral music that builds in intensity, climbing to a crescendo climax leaving on a cliffhanger resolution. The track begins with darkness and suspense transitioning into a resolved, light and positive finale. This intense bumper is ideal to accent any important plot or character defining moment. With elements of mystery, accomplishment and charisma being emoted through the use of horns, percussion, strings and piano. Listen out for Tchaikovsky influences enriched with courage, strength and valour. Ideal for a psychological thriller, adventure, ident, logo and scene changes.

Style: cinematic, orchestral, epic

Instruments: string section, woodwinds, piano, orchestral percussion

Mood: suspenseful, dramatic, mysterious, intense

A black square with white musical notes that form a circle

Music by:

Duration: 0:14

Tempo (BPM): Varies

Files Included: Full version 0:14

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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