Bouncy and shimmering, with pizzicato strings melody featuring carefree flutes and percussions to create a happy-go-lucky and cheerful mood. Co-written with Alessandro Tomei

Style: comedy, cartoon, cinematic

Instruments: pizzicato strings, glockenspiel, flute, bass, percussion

Mood: fun, playful, carefree

The keys of a black and white piano that form the letters E and M

Music by:

Duration: 2:19 1:01

Tempo (BPM): 110

Files Included: Full version 2:19, LOOP 1:01

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]. Loop: .WAV


happy easy going playful loop sparkling optimistic fancy festive pizzicato strings funny bouncy carefree Quirky easy listening breezy