Jewish Jig is the perfect light-hearted, whimsical and quirky track for any Eastern European or Jewish themed scene or celebration, complete with a traditional solo violin and strings right out of the old country. With a piano and subtle synthesizer carrying the cheeky piece through, you could see this eastern European instrumental music coming straight from an old Yiddish party. It features both Romanian folk and mischievous gypsy influences. With an electronic riff at the end, this happy, fun and lively tune has a modern twist that makes you want to get up and dance your socks off!

Style: Eastern European, Yiddish music

Instruments: violin, piano, pizzicato strings, synths, bass, drums

Mood: festive, cheerful, celebration

A black square with white musical notes that form a circle

Music by:

Duration: 0:40

Tempo (BPM): 120

Files Included: Full version 0:40

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


Romanian folk instrumental slapstick energetic cheeky fun comedic dance light hearted gypsy mischievous violin European Quirky Jewish lively Yiddish whimsical bar mitzvah positive jolly