Download icone PNG - Last Days of Summer

Ukulele and folk guitars on a reggae/world rhythmic gives to this title a special warmth. Piano, organ and percussion clapping complement the instrumentation of this pop positive, cheerful and smiling music. We would like summer to last forever.

Style: acoustic, folk,

Instruments: ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, claps, bass, drums

Mood: carefree, cheerful, holidays,

a green square with the inscription Hyppocampe sound

Music by:

Duration: 3:05 0:40 1:00

Tempo (BPM): 94

Files Included: Full version 3:05, Loop: 0:40, 60s Edit: 1:00

File format: MP3 [HQ 320 kbps]; loop: .WAV


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