Romantic, rich and nostalgic violin duet that emotes times of reflection, memories and maybe even a little sadness. What starts off as a lone solo violin transitions into a duet playing in dreamy harmony.  While emotional, this short, sentimental and haunting classical instrumental inspired by John Williams, Schumann, Chopin and Mahler makes the perfect addition to those emotive poignant moments in any media production whether it’s a TV ad, film, YouTube video or classical event.

Style: classic, cinematic, film score

Instruments: solo violin duo

Mood: nostalgic, emotional, sentimental, reflective

A black square with white musical notes that form a circle

Music by:

Duration: 0:30

Tempo (BPM): 92

Files Included: Full version 0:30

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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