Epic Orchestral Theme: ethereal and calming but powerful. Orchestra and Choir reflecting Opus Dei, Cathedrals or anything dark sacred or heavenly. Great for various cinematic uses. Epic underscore, Requiem, Finale or Title Theme. (also see Cathedrals and Rise of Dark)

Style: cinematic, sacred

Instruments: choirs, horns, strings, bass, orchestral percussion

Mood: mystical, mysterious, intriguing, enigmatic,

It is a square with a human face in the middle, seen from the front; the dominant colors are yellow, white and blue.

Music by:

Duration: 2:25

Tempo (BPM): 114

Files Included: Full version 2:25

File format: MP3 [HQ 320 kbps]


cinematic calming epic dark mystical mysterious ethereal god choirs intriguing heavenly church enigmatic requiem sacred cathedral holy opus dei