Download icone PNG - Retro Racer

Retro Racer stock music track is a drive retro wave / synthwave track with elements of trance and techno. Inspired by the culture of the 80s, the era of VHS, game consoles, science fiction films and night views of megapolises, it perfectly suits as a soundtrack to video games, films, cartoons, sports videos, travel videos, landscapes, tv-show, vlogs and many other types of projects, where you need to convey the atmosphere of the 80s.

Style: electro pop

Instruments: synths, synth bass, drums, SFX

Mood: inspiring, uplifting, positive

a grey triangle with headphones

Music by:

Duration: 2:15 0:01 0:15

Tempo (BPM): 120

Files Included: Full version 2:15, Alt Version 2:01, Loop 0:15

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]. Loop: .WAV


electronic action 80s cars synthwave racing alt version retro wave retro analog time lapse animation loop drive upbeat neon energetic synthesizer