Reunited is the perfect stirring and sentimental instrumental track to accent any emotionally poignant moment, with a solo piano taking the lead. A soft string section then enters adding a sense of reflection and growth to the orchestral score, that builds to a substantial climax. A subtle vocal harmony towards the end brings about a crescendo that enhances those moving and tear-jerking moments of newfound happiness, love and understanding. Perfect for storytelling, background music and expressing emotive scenes, this soul-stirring and heart-rending score projects a haunting yet delicate melody. It could be used for sad, thoughtful and solemn occasions such as funerals or even happy, loving and romantic scenarios.

Style: cinematic, film score

Instruments: piano, strings, choirs, orchestral percusion

Mood: emotional, contemplative, romantic, sentimental

A black square with white musical notes that form a circle

Music by:

Duration: 1:30

Tempo (BPM): Varies

Files Included: Full version 1:30

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


emotive pensive dreamy instrumental sad reflection funeral piano sorrow sombre orchestral romantic contemplative reflective romance emotional slow strings Expressive sentimental melancholy