Download icone PNG - Rise To The Challenge

Big and powerful Indie Rock! A chuggy electric guitar song filled with twangy riffs, power chords and massive drums.
Perfect for action scenes/videos, chase scenes, cars, racing, Formula 1, motorbikes, desert, fight scenes, sport videos, GoPro videos, extreme sports/stunts, motivational athlete videos, gym workouts and more.

Style: indie rock, instrumental rock

Instruments: electric guitar, bass, drums

Mood: positive, energetic, confident

a man with a guitar on a background of music equipment

Music by:

Duration: 1:36 0:27 0:15

Tempo (BPM): 167

Files Included: Full version 1:36, 30s Edit (0:27), 15s Edit (0:15)

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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