Lighthearted folk melody full of whimsical wonder featuring airy vocals, ukulele, acoustic guitar, and bells. Gazing up at the stars helps us to realize how very small we are.

Style: pop folk

Instruments: acoustic guitar, ukulele, strings, voices, bells, bass, drums

Mood: positive, hopeful, inspiring

a black square with green lettering

Music by:

Duration: 3:06 0:30 0:14

Tempo (BPM): 95

Files Included: Full version 3:06, 30s Edit (0:30), Short (0:14)

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


30sec version beautiful acoustic guitar children hopeful carefree uplifting bells happy wonder acoustic whimsical folk pop folk inspiring shimmering ukulele short version instrumental pop