Download icone PNG - Summer Synthwave Dreams

Revisit a golden age of synth music with this sun kissed slice of 1980s nostalgia. Ideal for use in retro programming, TV, commercials, podcast and video intros and social media campaigns.

Style: electro, dance

Instruments: synths, bass, drums, SFX

Mood: energetic, catchy, positive

a purple square with an orange circle inside

Music by:

Duration: 2:24 1:00 2:24

Tempo (BPM): 130

Files Included: Full version 2:24, 60s Edit (1:00), Bed 2:24

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


dance party nightlife underscore retro technology time lapse electro eighties synths 60sec version summer bed club 80s energetic synthwave