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This orchestral track is in the fantasy adventure style. It’s atmospheric, groovy and funky. Breathes with the spirit of medieval antiquity.
Only traditional musical instruments were used:
– Positive Hurdy-gurdy
– Funny Bombarda
– Melodic Wooden flutes
– Agile Fidule
– Traditional folk Percussion
This soundtrack has some Celtic and Irish motifs. It’s the perfect choice for audio / video project requires folk, fairy and fantasy music (best for tavern or inn sound background). Once you listen – you will dance (and probably drink).

Style: medieval, epic, cinematic

Instruments: hurdy-gurdy, bombarda, flute, fidule, percussion

Mood: cheerful, celebrating, festive

medieval image of a village, with the inscription BLACKMID

Music by:

Duration: 1:43

Tempo (BPM): 117

Files Included: Full version 1:43

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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