Download icone PNG - Top News PACK / 3 ITEMS

A background music pack for TV/radio news. Ideal for broadcast – TV/radio, science, sport, politics, hi tech and any business themes!

The Top News PACK  includes the following 3 audio files:

Top News

This track is a perfect choice for your news! A lot of strings, brass, orchestra and synth (0:45).

Global News

Modern news background music. Ideal for broadcast, TV/radio, science, sport, hi tech and any business themes (1:21).

World News

Background electronic music with strings. Perfect for news and TV programs (1:08).

Style: electro pop

Instruments: synths, strings, brass, orchestral hits, drums

Mood: dramatic, energetic, determined

Duration: 0:45 1:21 1:08

Tempo (BPM): 145 133 120

Files Included: 3 music files

File format: MP3 [High Quality 320 kbps]


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